THERE are five step to make payment online.

Step 1 : After you have success mail order process. Please complete form below carefully. Fill like example on our box. Then check the information you have enclosed and submit.

GM"C Style

I want to make payment with my credit card for following detail.

*Total price charge in Thai Baht (put only NUMBER no comma, full-stop, or thb)

Step 2 : Details of your order are summarized then sent to the EPAYLINK webpage. In the EPAYLINK system, stores must summarize all purchases, pricing and other relevant informations that the EPAYLINK system requires then sending them to the EPAYLINK webpage.

Step 3 : The EPAYLINK webpage displays the summarized details such as store names and comfirmation of prices to be debited.

Step 4 : Please enter your credit card details on EPAYLINK webpage.When you confirm purchases , the system will immediately proceed to the payment step.You must enter your credit card details on the EPAYLINK webpage which are protected by SSL security system so they can be certain that their credit card details will be well protected.

Step 5 : The EPAYLINK system informs the result of payment to the you.

For more information please see this page. However, if you satisfy to pay by another way , we are also welcome either "Western Union Money Service" or by "PayPal".